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Episode 80 – The final episode in our trilogy talking to Nick Drake-Knight about the origins of his work.

If you have customers, have a team who helps customers, or in any way engage with customers in your organisation –  you need to know what Every Customer Wants®. 

It will give you remarkable solutions to all those problematic challenges you face every day.

And, it’s actually very simple to deliver. 

Episode 79 –  Our second in the trilogy where we look at the work of Nick Drake-Knight, and how it can help you and your team. 

Last time we checked out – Continue & Begin Fast Coaching.

This time, it’s the turn of Meerkat Selling®. 

If you (or your team) are helping customers to buy things, this one is for you.

Episode 78 –  We’re back! (Unless you’re listening to this in the back catalogue – in which case, we never went away!)

This is the first in a trilogy of conversations with Nick Drake-Knight about the origins of his fabulous work. Nick helps people with a wide range of skills, from selling to service, and all sorts in between.

In this short episode, we learn about the origins of Nick’s fabulous coaching model – Continue & Begin Fast Coaching®. 

If you (or your team) have regular conversations with people to help them improve in some area of their life or their performance, this one is for you.

Episode 77 – I was invited to join Karl Craig-West on his podcast. It’s all about being self-employed and we’ve decided to share the episode here, so you can listen to it too. 


Episode 76 – I promised you an episode to listen to at Christmas – and here it is! We’ve taken a look back at what happened in 2021, the episodes, the stuff. Then, we look forward to 2022 and I give you an alternative to New Year’s Resolutions.

Episode 75 – This is a great conversation.

We spoke with Aaron Morton not only about his approach to fitness, nutrition and psychology but also so much more!

We learn why, for Aaron, being a personal trainer is not only limited to physical fitness, how to look at your wider lifestyle, and why you may need a crisp strategy. 


Episode 74 – This is a JAM-PACKED conversation.

We chatted with Mark Billage from Smartculture.UK about resilience, communication, leadership and loads more.

Listen to the end where we talk about his brand new book. This one is WELL WORTH an hour of your time!

Episode 73 – In this episode, we chat with Suzy from the Casual Birder podcast.

We cover so much stuff and get into a really rich conversation about how Suzy has found herself ‘stuck’ with her productivity, and look at some solutions. It’s a great chat!

Episode 72 – We chat with Casanova Brooks.

Casanova has driven himself from poverty and difficulty to significant success.

We find out about his inspiration, his world, and how his frame of mind has helped him achieve that success. 

We get a different perspective here to many of the areas we’ve looked at before. Inspiring stuff!

Episode 71 – This is the audio from my recent YouTube video all about the benefits of meditation.

It was recorded on location, so the audio quality differs from the regular episodes.

But we know that won’t get in the way of the content which you will find extremely helpful. 

Episode 70 – We investigate the idea of work-life balance.

What is it?

Is it really a thing?

How do we get it? 

Episode 69 – We look ahead at what’s coming this year, and what our thoughts are for making the podcast EVEN BETTER than it is now.

Tell us what you think.

We’re gonna do a Q&A episode in the future. 

Episode 68 –  We have a look back at 2020.

An awful year for many.

So we decided to focus on what’s happened with the podcast.

There are 3 sections: we look at what changed for ‘sharppodcast’ in 2020, we quickly revisit each episode with a tiny sample, and then end with Steve and Lisa at the table.

Episode 67 – We’ve collated the best of the resource we’ve shared on social media in the past few weeks.

We’re aiming to give you a selection of things to look at for yourself.

Hopefully, you’ll find something that works for you.

Episode 66 – If you struggle to get things from your to-do list actually done, then ALPEN is for you.

We have a look at this great method.

Episode 65 – A different approach in this episode.

We’ve collated the best of the resource we’ve shared on social media in the past few weeks.

We’re aiming to give you a selection of things to look at for yourself, and hopefully you’ll find something that works for you.

Episode 64 – Your thinking isn’t as rational or balanced as you think.

Let us tell you why and how you can be more aware of what’s stuffing it up.

Episode 63 – The final episode in our kind of ‘trilogy’ on using Todoist.

We briefly explore how to use Todoist at an advanced level.

We also share great disciplines for managing tasks regardless of whether you use paper, Todoist or something else.

Episode 62 – This is a great episode! In our second look at todoist, we move up to Level 2.

Our survey said most of you use paper to manage your tasks.

Todoist Level ‘2’ could really help YOU too!

Episode 61 – Do you keep your tasks on a post-it note?

Or are you happy using technology?

We look at how “todoist” can help a range of people across a variety of situations.

(Warning – episode features multiple references to Findus Crispy Pancakes.)